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JIJE LaboGlass Private Limited Company was established in 1999, and is a recognized leader in providing comprehensive laboratory solutions by providing high quality Analytical instruments and full spectrum before and after sales technical support for scientific communities in Ethiopia.
We are authorized distributor of world leading scientific and analytical equipment manufacturers for Ethiopian market. This empower us to provide analytical solutions through our best quality products and cost-effective services for Research, Education, Pharmaceutical, Food & Chemical Industry, Mining, Public and Regulatory Laboratories. Committed to constantly creating excellence with the expansion of our services to provide analytical solution that exceeding customer’s expectation and coverage geographically in Ethiopia and expand to other East African countries.

Currently, our company serve over hundred Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Research and Development, Food and Drugs, Environmental and Educational sectors.

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Company’s Philosophy

JIJE is a company with ambition to address problems hindering the effectiveness & efficiency of Research, Educational institutions, Public and Private Regulatory laboratories.We are committed to deliver premium quality products and services through customization of our best practices and experiences to meet highest level of standard that exceed customers’ expectation.We are committed to create best working environment. Committed to our staff to achieve their professional careersat the highest possible level and fulfil their personal need.We are committed to increase our contribution to improve the life standard of the society.


Our News

New 09/05/2018 JIJE Laboglass Pvt. Ltd. Company participates on the international exhibition, “11th Agricultural and Food Specialized International Trade Fair ”  From May 10-14, 2018 at Addis Ababa Exhibition Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


26 /04/18  JIJE Service Engineers are installing Agilent Products: 10 HPLCs, 2 GCs with 1 HSS, 1 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer for SanSheng Pharmaceutical PLC in East Industry Zone, Dukem, Ethiopia on April 16-27, 2018.

28/02/18  JIJE LaboGlass PLC installed Specord plus UV VIS Spectrometer, Water purifier system, Rotary Evaporator System, Bio Base Freeze dryer, Kjeldah Apparatus, Shaking incubator, NIR INFRA LAB Food Analyzer, Centrifuge and other Equipment’s to Wolayat sodo University Otona Campus.


26/5/17: JIJE LaboGlass PLC installed two Gas Chromatographies, two Head Space Samplers, one triple quadrupole GC MS/MS, one LCMS/MS and two HPLCs for…

10/25/17 JIJE Laboglass PLC installed Gas Chromatography,

Head Space Samplers and HPLC for

Addis Ababa Science and Technology University.

 14/9/17 JIJE Training and Consultant Service Unit provide training for Hawassa university trainees. Training delivered for seven Hawassa university analysts.



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