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Liquid Chromatography

Efficient LC Solutions for any Application and Budget

Our InfinityLab solutions include LC systems, columns, supplies to ensure the highest operational efficiency in your lab. Agilent’s liquid chromatography systems build on 40 years of heritage for highly reliable analytical instruments. From routine analysis to cutting-edge research, we provide the broadest LC portfolio (also known as HPLC or UHPLC) for any application and budget. We are well-known for our superior separation and detection capabilities. Learn more about InfinityLab.

Analytical LC Systems
Experience Agilent’s market leading portfolio of analytical LC systems

Extended LC Systems & Workflow Solutions

High Quality LC Workflow Solutions for Any Application

LC Purification Systems

Exceptional Accuracy and Flexibility for LC Purification

Low-flow LC Systems

ccurate Capillary-Flow and Nanoflow LC Analysis for Sample Limited High-Sensitivity LC-MS

LC Pumps & Vacuum Degassers

Solvent Delivery for any Application and Column Offering

LC Injection Systems

Autosampler Solutions for Any Sample and Application

LC Fraction Collectors

utomated, Reliable Fraction Collection for the Most Valuable Samples

LC Thermostatted Column Compartments

Advanced LC Column Compartment Technology for Utmost Usability and Stable Performance

LC Detectors

LC Detectors for High Sensitivity and Fast Chromatography

LC Valve Solutions

LC Valve Solutions for Faster and Automated LC Workflows

LC & CE Instrument Control

Dedicated Hardware and Software for LC and CE Instrument Control

LC Columns

LC Columns Deliver Results for Complex Analytical Challenges

LC Supplies

Achieve Optimal Performance and Efficiency using Agilent LC Supplies


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