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Industry-leading GC Systems to Meet Current and Future Analytical Needs

Agilent’s Gas Chromatography systems help modern laboratories maintain peak performance and maximize instrument uptime. The 7820 GC Systems features a robust dedicated analytical setup, while our most flexible 7890 GC Systems provide fast, accurate and reliable analyses for any gas chromatography application. Agilent’s Micro GC systems give the Agilent performance and flexibility when in-field analyses are needed. Preconfigured 490-PRO and 490 Micro GC systems deliver accurate measurements at line or remote locations. Our Gas Chromatography systems help labs all over the world meet their most demanding laboratory analytical challenges.
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Intuvo 9000 GC System

The New Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC system transforms the way users perform GC, opening new paths to higher productivity and better business outcomes. Building on Agilent’s legacy of robustness and performance, Intuvo introduces key enabling technologies that lift existing operational limitations, delivering simplified operation, reduced operating costs, and increased instrument up-time.
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7890B GC

The Agilent 7890B GC is the world’s most widely used GC system. It features accurate temperature controls and precise injection systems – plus enhanced Electronic Pneumatic Control (EPC) modules for the best retention times .

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7820A GC

The Agilent 7820A GC provides simplified operation with the proven reliability expected from Agilent GC systems. This is an affordable, high-quality GC system for small to medium-sized labs that are concerned with routine analyses using standard GC methods. The 7820 was designed to maximize uptime, minimize maintenance and complexity, providing a quick return on your investment.
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490 Micro GC

The Agilent 490 Micro GC is a rugged, compact, laboratory quality gas chromatograph that delivers information you need, wherever you need it. The fifth generation 490 Micro GC is designed to provide maximum flexibility and ease-of use. You can customize with options including column modules and optimized sample conditioning to achieve greater sensitivity and performance. Your 490 Micro GC arrives pre-configured, factory tested for your analysis and ready to go. If your needs change, you can reconfigure in the field for new applications in just minutes with our user installable plug and play GC channels. The small size and weight of the 490 Micro GC, make it easy to carry between analysis sites in the field, such as perimeter monitoring, multiple drilling locations, and at natural gas pipelines and metering stations.
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490-PRO Micro GC

The Agilent 490-PRO Micro GC gives you faster, more repeatable monitoring and control of your processes. The portable gas chromatograph is designed for process controlled applications, to be a system component which can operate unattended. Arrives pre-configured, factory tested for your analysis and ready to go. You can reconfigure in the field for new applications in minutes with plug and play GC channels.
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490-Mobile Micro GC

The Agilent 490-Mobile Micro GC provides you with the perfect tools in bringing your analysis equipment to the sample. The portable Gas Chromatograph provides wireless connection to a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, eliminates the need of cables and a laptop. Your analysis results can be viewed in full but it is also possible to have it reported in “true/false”. In the same method, alarms can be set to further improve the follow up action by the operator.
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6850 Series II

The Agilent 6850 Series II single channel GC system provides full size gas chromatography performance in a small easy to use bench-top saving package.  Install two GC Systems in the same footprint as a standard dual-channel GC.  It is an ideal instrument for simplified, routine analyses when bench space is a concern.

The 6850 Series II single-channel GC significantly reduces inject to inject time with fast oven heat-up and cool down times, due to small oven size.  It delivers the same reliability and proven performance as the Agilent 7890B GC and 7890B inlets and detectors. The 6850 Series II GC System sets a new standard for ease of maintenance and its simplified user interface requires minimal training.This product is scheduled for discontinuation:
January 1, 2017- Obsolescence date
June 30, 2017- Last customer delivery (mandatory)
June 30, 2024- End of Guaranteed Support (EGS)GC columns in the 6850 GC format and 6850 GC specific supplies will continue to be available during guaranteed support life. Further information is available for Agilent End of Support policy , transition services, and 6850 GC accessories discontinuation schedules. Certified Pre-Owned 6850 Series II GC will continue to be offered after January 1, 2017.


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