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JIJE Analytical Testing Service Laboratory (JATSL) established in 2010 for the support of the mother company (JIJE LaboGlass PLC.) business, to fill gaps with respect to operation of laboratory equipment, generation of reliable test results and lack of well trained personnel and to give commercial testing service.

JATSL is fully equipped and qualified to offer a wide range of analytical solutions that meet your specific analytical requirements mainly on Agriculture, Nutrition and Environmental sample kinds.

Based on these, JATSL provides over one hundred parameters of Analytical Testing Services in Agricultural Soil, Compost, Animal Feed, Water, Irrigation Water, Waste Water, Plant, Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Spices, Edible Oil, Honey, Milk and Milk products and Solid Waste.


It is the policy of JIJE Analytical Testing Service Laboratory to offer, at all times, services that comply with the requirements as specified in the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. Hence, JATSL is fully committed to the concept of third party recognition, by means of accreditation, of the capability of its laboratory to perform tests.In line with our commitment that quality becomes the platform for driving our business; the quality system is implemented on the basis of quality policies of JATSL Quality Manual.


JATSL established in 2010 for the support of the mother company (JIJE LaboGlass PLC.) business, to fill gaps with respect to operation of laboratory equipment, generation of reliable test results and lack of well trained personnel and to give commercial testing service. Read more


JIJE Analytical Testing Service Laboratory mission is to bring value to customers through its innovative, high-quality services which improve, sustain or re-store science and technology by:

Providing defensible quality data of Analytical Testing Services, within short turn around timely analysis by reasonable price accompanied by best customer service.

Providing In-services training on Physical, Chemical tests and Instrumentation training.


JATSL has been built on the core values of honesty, integrity, fairness, and loyalty to employees and customers. Our Laboratory’s system provides growth and development opportunities for all employees committed to fulfilling the Company’s vision, and for continuous improvement in quality, processes and instrumental capability. We cultivate a customer focused environment with dedication to customer service and satisfaction.


To be recognized and considered as an outstanding institution, where internationally accepted quality data generated on Agricultural, Environmental, Nutrition & Microbiology analysis.

To create center of excellence where science will be practically implemented and disseminated.

Scope of Testing

S/NSample TypeTest DescriptionSample Size
1SoilAvailable Boron(Av. B)25g
2SoilAvailable Phosphorous (Av.P)5g
3SoilAvailable Phosphorous (Av.P)2g
4SoilAvailable Potassium (Av.K)5g
5SoilAvailable Sulfur (Av. S)20g
6SoilBoron (B)50g
7SoilBulk Density (BD)50cm3
8SoilBulk Density (BD)94cm3
9SoilCalcium Carbonate (CaCO3)5g
10SoilCadmium (Cd)1g-2g
11SoilCation Exchange Capacity (CEC)5g
12SoilCopper (Cu)1g-2g
13SoilElectrical Conductivity( EC)
14SoilEx. Acidity5g-10g
15SoilExchangeable Sodium Percentage (ESP)
16SoilExchangeable Calcium (Ca)5g
17SoilExchangeable Magnesium (Mg)5g
18SoilExchangeable Potassium(K)5g
19SoilExchangeable Sodium (Na)5g
20SoilExchangeable Hydrogen10g
21SoilTotal Potassium(K)05g-2g
22SoilTotal Sodium ( Na)0.5-2g
23SoilTotal Calcium (Ca)1g-2g
24SoilTotal Magnesium (Mg)1g-2g
25SoilIron (Fe)1g-2g
26SoilZinc (Zn)1g-2g
27SoilManganese (Mn)1g-2g
29SoilMicro Nutrients (Fe, Cu, Mn& Zn)20g
31SoilOrganic Carbon (OC)/Organic Matter0.3g-2.5g
32SoilpH Water 1:2.510g
33SoilpH (KCl) 1:2.510g
34SoilPercent of Saturated Paste200g-500g
35SoilpH Saturated Paste Extract200g-500g
36SoilSoluble Salt(EC (mmhos))10g
37SoilField Capacity (FC)
38SoilPermanent wilting Point (PWP)38
39SoilSoil particle (Texture)50g
40SoilSodium Adsorption Ratio
41SoilTotal Nitrogen (TN)0.5-2.5g
42SoilTotal Phosphorous (P)0.5-2g
44SoilParticle Density (PD)10g-25g
45Soil(NH4 – N)10g
46Soil(NO3 – N)10g
48SoilSulfur (S)50g
49SoilGypsum requirement5g
S/NSample TypeTest DescriptionSample Size
1Food & FeedMoisture content (%), Dry matter, (%)2g-85g
2Food & FeedTotal Nitrogen (TN) , Protein0.5-25g
3Food & FeedCrude fat / Oil content2g-3g
4Food & FeedCrude fiber1g-1.5g
5Food & FeedAsh content2g-10g
6Food & FeedCarbohydrate
7Food & FeedTotal soluble sugar (TSS)10g
8Food & FeedpH (for flour) & pH (for wine)10g
9Food & FeedTotal Phosphorus (TP)2g-7g
10Food & FeedFat, Greass& Oil (FOG )177g
11Food & FeedCalcium (Ca) &Magnesium (Mg)2g-7g
12Food & FeedSodium (Na) & Potassium (K)2g-7g
13Food & FeedCadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb),Cromium (Cr), Cobalt (Co), Nikel (Ni)2g-3g
14Food & FeedAmino acids profile determination
15Food & FeedFatty Acids profile
16Food & FeedVitamins
17Food & FeedEssential oils
18Food & FeedPesticides
19Food & FeedMycotoxins
20Food & FeedCaffeine
21Food & FeedCopper (Cu) , Iron (Fe), Zinc (Zn)& Manganese (Mn)2g-7g
22Food & FeedSpecific gravity & Density25ml
23Food & FeedAcid value/Free fatty acid (as Oleic acid)5g-25g/
24Food & FeedInsoluble impurity5g-10g/50-100ml
25Food & FeedIodine value0.5g
26Food & FeedPeroxide value0.5g-5g
27Food & FeedSaponification value2g-5g
28Food & FeedUnsaponifiable matter2g
29Food & FeedOil Extract20g
30Food & FeedTotal Volatile Solid (TVS)3g
31Food & FeedAlcohol by volume25ml
32Food & FeedTotal acids25ml
33Food & FeedVolatile acid25ml
34Food & FeedTotal solid50ml
35Food & FeedRefractive index at 40oC and 20oCone to two drop
36Food & FeedTotal Sulfur (S)1g
37Food & FeedTotal Dissolved Sugar
38Food & FeedChloride (Cl)
39Food & FeedReducing Sugar
40Food & FeedStarch
41Food & FeedSO42-
42Food & FeedBoron (B)
43Food & FeedAlmunium
44Food & FeedEssential oil
45Food & FeedXantophile
S/NSample TypeTest DescriptionSample Size
1CompostAvailable Boron (Av. B)20g
2CompostAvailable Phosphorous (Av.P)5g & 2g
3CompostAvailable potassium, (Av. K)5g
4CompostAvailable Sulphur (Av.S)20g
6CompostCation Exchange Capacity (CEC)5g
7CompostEC (electro conductivity) (1:5 ratio)5g
8CompostExchangeable Sodium Percentage (ESP)5g
9CompostMicro Nutrients Iron (Fe)5g
10CompostMicro Nutrients Manganese (Mn)5g
11CompostMicro Nutrients Cupper (Cu)5g
12CompostMicro Nutrients Zinc (Zn)5g
14CompostOrganic Carbon (OC)/Organic Matter0.3g-1g
15CompostpH (H2O)5g
16CompostpH (H2O) (1:5 ratio)5g
17CompostSodium Adsorption Ratio *
18CompostTotal Nitrogen (TN)0.5g-1g
19CompostEx Calcium (Ca)5g
20CompostEx. Magnesium (Mg)5g
21CompostEx. Potassium(K)5g
22CompostEx. Sodium (Na)5g
23CompostCadmium (Cd)1g-2g
24CompostCation Exchange Capacity (CEC)5g
25CompostCopper (Cu)1g-2g
26CompostElectrical Conductivity( EC)
27CompostEx. Acidity5g-10g
28CompostExchangeable Hydrogen10g
29CompostTotal Potassium(K)05g-2g
30CompostTotal Sodium ( Na)0.5-2g
31CompostTotal Calcium (Ca)1g-2g
32CompostTotal Magnesium (Mg)1g-2g
33CompostTotal Iron (Fe1g-2g
34CompostTotal Zinc (Zn)1g-2g
35CompostMannganeze (Mn)1g-2g
37CompostMicro Nutrients (Fe, Cu, Mn& Zn)20g
39CompostOrganic Carbon (OC)/Organic Matter0.3g-2.5g
40CompostpH Water 1:2.510g
41CompostpH (KCl)10g
42CompostTotal Phosphorous (P)0.5-2g
44Compost(NH4 – N)10g
45Compost(NO3 – N)10g
S/NSample TypeTest DescriptionSample Size
5PlantCadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb) & Copper (Cu)3g
6PlantIron (Fe), Zinc (Zn) & Chromium (Cr)3g
7PlantCalcium (Ca) & Magnesium (Mg)3g
8PlantTotal Nitrogen (TN)0.5g-1g
9PlantTotal Phosphorus (TP)3g
10PlantTotal Potassium (K)3g
11PlantTotal Sodium (Na)3g
12PlantTotal Sulfur (S)1g
14PlantBoron (B)1g
15PlantIodine value0.2g
17PlantEssential oil35g

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